What is the MERCIM program?

MERCIM is a loyalty program based on the granting of bonuses points, called "CIM" received with every purchase. For each Bag purchased 1 CIM point will be added to your account.

Our program is assisting our customers (wholesalers, retailers and contractors) in the loyalty of their customers.

What are the advantages of MERCIM program?
  • Pushes for sale.
  • Strengthens our connection with customers.
  • Build customer loyalty for Ciments Jbel Oust products.
  • A rewards management platform and interaction with customers.
How to become a member of MERCIM program?

If you are a wholesaler, just ask login with the Marketing department to access your MERCIM account.

If you are a retailer, simply download the MERCIM application on your smartphone (available on Play Store and App Store), and ask your supplier to transfer your MERCIM points to your account for each purchase made.

Please find more details on our MERCIM program by downloading this document in French and Arabic.

For more information, please call: 29 941 679, or email: support@mercim.tn