2016 Integrated Report is named the best in the world by the WBCSD

The analysis included reports from 157 companies in 23 sectors in more than 30 countries

Each year, Votorantim Cimentos produces an integrated report that provides a complete overview of the business, including the company’s strategies, financial performance, governance, products and the sustainability activities that make up the overall Votorantim Cimentos value proposition.

This year, Votorantim Cimentos’ 2016 Integrated Report was named the best in the world by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). 

In 2016, the report contained several new elements, such as the Letter from the Votorantim Cimentos Board of Directors, the Sustainable Development Goals, an evaluation from external experts in sustainability and integrated reports, and the official launch of the company’s purpose, “Life is Made to Last”. In addition, changes in the layout simplified the organization of information and reading flow.

“With this result, our responsibility increases even more. Therefore, I look to each of you so that we can continue to evolve in our governance and transparency in the area of sustainability. We had already received significant praise for our 2016 report, and the endorsement from WBCSD really confirms a major evolution in governance, results and good practices,” said Alvaro Lorenz, Global Technical Director.

This result clearly shows how committed the company is to transparency and to increasingly strengthening our relationships with all our stakeholders.

About the WBCSD
The WBCSD is a global organization led by CEOs of more than 200 leading companies that work together to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.

It aims to help make member companies more successful and sustainable by focusing on maximizing positive impact for shareholders, the environment and societies. www.wbcsd.org.